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The travel nursing industry was started more than 30 years ago by TravCorps. And when Cross Country merged with the founding company, we became one of the leading suppliers of travel nurses to hospitals across the country.

Today, Cross Country TravCorps is going strong, providing registered nurses to more than 2,500 healthcare facilities across the U.S. and the Caribbean. In fact, we work with:

We work hard to build solid, lasting relationships with world-renowned hospitals… the types of facilities we know our travelers want to be a part of. Our nurses have the opportunity to work alongside top professionals and be involved in the very latest technology in their specialty.  

Ultimately as an organization, Cross Country TravCorps wants to improve the quality of healthcare for patients everywhere. With this mission in mind, we understand that when it comes to providing quality care experience makes a difference. That’s why our travel nurses are among the best educated and most qualified in the nation.

Many of our travel nurses go on to pursue specialty and Master’s training while they are a part of the Cross Country TravCorps team.  

All of the efforts we put into screening and credentialing our travel nursing workforce results in us being one of the most trusted staffing companies in the industry. In return, this allows us to offer our travel nurses more jobs in more locations across the country. It all comes full circle and a great experience for both our healthcare professionals and our healthcare facilities is created.  

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