The Best States for Travel Nursing in 2017

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The Best States for Travel Nursing in 2017

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April 06, 2017 11:04 AM (EDT)
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As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, travel nursing opportunities have become more abundant in certain states and regions of the U.S. When considering travel nursing positions, most nurses seek positions not just for a high salary, but also for a unique and exciting travel experience. Based on recent reports of salary data, along with most highly rated travel destinations, here is a list of the four top states for travel nursing in 2017.



There are many reasons why Texas is one of the top states for travel nursing, the first being the state’s abundance of world-class healthcare facilities. Ample nursing opportunities make it very easy for any travel nurse to land a position in the Lone Star state. In addition, Texas’s large cities like Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin, are filled with many amazing attractions to keep you busy for days!
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Named by USA Today’s list of “America’s Best States To Live In” in 2016, there are numerous travel nursing opportunities in the New England region. Massachusetts is home to several large healthcare facilities and is the perfect travel destination for any professional seeking a unique cultural immersion experience. Featuring many historical sites, world-class sports teams and magnificent dining experiences, the New England state offers countless cultural gems to explore when you’re not on the job!



Though Alaska may seem like an unlikely suspect for this list, it actually is one of the highest paying states for the nursing profession. If you’ve never been to Alaska, consider exploring travel nursing opportunities in one of the state’s larger cities, like Fairbanks or Anchorage. In addition to a competitive salary, you’ll be afforded a life-changing adventure of picturesque glaciers, mountain peaks and lakes.
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What’s not to love about warm beautiful weather, deserts, mountains, white sandy beaches and so many attractions it will be hard to decide on your list of absolute “must sees.” You can literally experience the extremes within a few hours drive — Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and Anza-Borrego provide an extraordinary chance to explore nature, while the oasis-like allure of Palm Springs offers sunny resort-style getaways with golf, tennis, spas, and high-end shopping.


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