Bringing A Pet And Family Along On Your Travel Nursing Assignment? You’ll Want To Plan Ahead!
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Bringing A Pet And Family Along On Your Travel Nursing Assignment? You’ll Want To Plan Ahead!

Cross Country TravCorps
May 19, 2017 13:41 PM (EDT)
Traveler Tips , Pets
Are you an aspiring travel nurse with a pet and a family?
The good news is that while bringing a pet and family members along on a travel nursing assignment requires some preparation, it is completely doable! In fact, many travel nurses find their travel nursing experiences to be even more enjoyable when their loved ones are with them for the ride.
As you get ready and make your travel and living arrangements, here are some things to keep in mind when traveling with a pet and family.

Pet Care and Child Care

Though a travel nursing assignment may feel like a mini vacation, remember you’ll be working full-time hours! This means you’ll have to arrange proper pet care and childcare if you aren’t bringing along a live-in nanny. As you find a place to live, do some research about what types of day care and pet care centers are in the local area. It’s helpful to read reviews online as you determine what may be the best options for your family.


If your children are of school-age, you’ll need to consider all schooling options. Some travel nurses only travel with their children during the summer months to avoid this issue all together. Others consider home schooling their kids if their schedules permit. There are also some online options available for school-aged children which can be a great option for temporary education needs. Depending on your lifestyle circumstances, you’ll have to plan ahead to determine which option is best for your children.


Safety should always be a top priority on a travel nursing assignment, especially when traveling with children. The major factors affecting safety are location and housing. When booking your living arrangements, make sure to do some research about the city or town in which you’ll be living. Is the area urban or rural? What are the crime rates? Additionally, you’ll want to take note of the safety of your specific living conditions. Are your housing accommodations secure? Is there an alarm system? Asking questions regarding safety ahead of time will allow you to make a well-informed decision about where you live during your assignment.
When working with your recruiter, be sure to share any safety concerns and needs about the specific location you are traveling to. Our team of recruiters and housing specialists will always work with you to make sure you are in a safe and secure area, but be sure to mention any specific needs or requests. 
As long as you plan accordingly, a travel nursing assignment with pets and family members does not have to stressful. In fact, you’ll make some great memories that you can share forever with your loved ones!

Where Will You Go?

If you’re a travel nurse with a family seeking new opportunities, let our talented team of specialists at Cross Country TravCorps help you find your next travel assignment!

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