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FAQ: I just moved into my housing and I am dissatisfied! Can I move??


The Cross Country TravCorps housing specialists work closely with each traveler and available apartment complexes in the area. We aim to find appropriate accommodations in a good location, so you don’t have to worry about housing once you arrive.

Heading on Your First Travel Assignment? While Your Housing Will Come with Essentials, It’s a Good Idea to Pack THESE too


When you accept a housing assignment arranged through a CCTC housing specialist, a variety of basic needs will be covered.However, many of our travel nurses find that they are more comfortable with a few extras that don’t come with the apartment.

Are You New To Travel Nursing? Learn about CCTC’s Housing Process!


At Cross Country TravCorps, our team iscommitted to helping you find the best housing available for your individual needs. Here are some tips to get you through the CCTC housing process.

HELP! I chose to accept a housing stipend and am having trouble finding a place to live in my new city!


Rather than settle on a place out of duress, there are several avenues you can take that will adequately solve your housing problem or buy you time to search for a more fitting rental after you get situated in your new assignment.

Accepting a Travel Assignment: Am I Required to Use Travel Nurse Housing or Can I Choose My Own Place?


Finding your own place and using your housing stipend towards a private rental can be a great alternative.But if you go that route there are several important things to consider.

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