FAQ: I just moved into my housing and I am dissatisfied! Can I move??

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FAQ: I just moved into my housing and I am dissatisfied! Can I move??

Cross Country TravCorps
April 27, 2017 10:50 AM (EDT)
Housing , Traveler Tips
Most of our travel nurses find their housing arrangements are beyond ideal for their assignments, however should you find yourself in substandard or unsafe accommodations we are here to assist you.
The Cross Country TravCorps housing specialists work closely with each traveler and available apartment complexes in the area. We aim to find appropriate accommodations in a good location, so you don’t have to worry about housing once you arrive.

Housing Assignment Process

CCTC focuses on providing a simple housing process, working diligently to ensure you have a positive experience. We examine your unique situation, such as whether you have children or pets that will be traveling with you, and determine which local options are the strongest matches for your needs. In many cases, the agency-provided housing can also be furnished, eliminating the need to move your household goods or purchase large furniture items once you reach your assigned city.
Additionally, all lease agreements are managed in advance by skilled staff members. This means all you need to do is review the documents to make sure you agree with all of the information contained therein, complete your portion of the forms, and submit them. Everything else is taken care of for you so you can concentrate on preparing for your trip.

Benefits of Agency-Provided Housing

Each potential apartment complex is reviewed to make sure it offers a safe environment that is close to your assignment. This limits your daily commute, allowing you to maintain a better work/life balance while you are on assignment. The CCTC housing specialists also keep pertinent information regarding the neighborhood, helping to ensure you have access to all of the resources you require to live happily during your assignment.
We have extensive knowledge of the areas our travel nurses visit, so we are well positioned to find your ideal housing match before you even set foot out the door for your next adventure.

If You Want to Move

If you find your housing arrangements don’t meet your needs, please contact your assigned housing specialist immediately. They will work with you to address any issues and find alternate accommodations if your first apartment doesn’t fit the bill. Make sure to have specific information regarding any troubles or shortcomings you are experiencing. That way, we have all of the details necessary to make a better match the second time around.

Alternative Housing Options

You do have an alternative to agency-provided housing: a housing stipend. These are funds provided to help offset the cost of securing your own housing on the rental market. While this approach gives you the ability to select your own rental, the stipend is not guaranteed to cover all of your housing expenses. If you choose a property that is more expensive, then you are responsible for the difference.
However, if you decide to live especially frugally, you may find that the stipend exceeds the amount you spend on housing, allowing you to use the difference to explore your new city.

The Bottom Line

We will always be here to assist you and ensure that you are pleased with the accommodations provided with your first housing assignment. Our team of specialists are available to make sure your next travel assignment is the right fit for you, from placement to living arrangements.Need more housing advice? Check out our other housing tips for travelers.

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