Ready To Be A Travel Nurse? Know These Interview Preparation Tips!

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Ready To Be A Travel Nurse? Know These Interview Preparation Tips!

Cross Country TravCorps
September 12, 2016 14:32 PM (EDT)
Traveler Tips
You’ve landed an interview for the travel nursing assignment of your dreams! But before you get too excited, remember there are likely a lot of other qualified candidates also interviewing for the same position. Taking the time to prepare for your interview with some specific guidelines will give you a competitive edge and help you distinguish yourself against other candidates.
To ensure that you make the best first impression possible, review the general topic guidelines below which will help you demonstrate your interest in the position. 

The Medical Unit

Asking questions specific to the medical unit in which you’ll be working is an easy way to express interest in the position and learn more about the nature of the work setting. You can ask questions on the following topics to show interest in the medical unit:
  1. Number of beds
  2. Nurse/patient ratio
  3. Type of procedure/medication system used
  4. Patient care model
  5. Uniform requirements

Scheduling and Floating Policies

It’s also a good idea to ask about scheduling and floating expectations. Asking how the facility handles the following policies shows that you’re being proactive in gaining as much information as possible about the type of work schedule that will be in effect:
  • Availability date to start work
  • Weekend shift requirements
  • Split shift policies
  • Overtime requirements
  • Policy on working holidays
  • Policy on requested time off or schedule changes
  • Floating requirements (do travelers float and how often?)
  • Orientation for floaters

First Day Information

Getting information about first day procedures will not only alleviate your own stress, but demonstrate your willingness to be prepared for your first day of work. The following information is helpful to ask about:
  • Length and specifics of orientation
  • Name/contact information for resource person
  • Required tests
  • Where and whom to report to
  • Parking availability
  • Uniform requirements for orientation
Click here for a complete list of our nursing interview guidelines and get in touch with our professional recruiters at Cross Country TravCorps.

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