Are You A Travel Nurse? Consider These Factors For Vehicle Ownership

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Are You A Travel Nurse? Consider These Factors For Vehicle Ownership

Cross Country TravCorps
April 26, 2017 13:57 PM (EDT)
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Getting ready for a travel nursing assignment requires a lot of preparation in completing all necessary paperwork, securing housing accommodations and packing everything you’ll need. However, many travel nurses (even veteran ones) often forget the importance of having a safe, reliable vehicle on a travel assignment. Are you thinking of owning your own vehicle for your travel nursing assignments? Consider the following three factors.


Many travel nurses do not end up living within walking distances of their travel assignments and often need to rent a car for the duration of their stay. Car rentals can be expensive, especially if you take several travel assignments per year, which is why it may be more cost-effective to own your own vehicle. However, there are many things to consider regarding costs of vehicle ownership, including car insurance and ongoing maintenance.

Easy Shopping & Transportation of Items

As you think about transportation, it’s important to remember that your travel nursing assignment is not a vacation. As a temporary resident in a new city, you’ll have to run all your day-to-day errands yourself - such as grocery shopping, picking up dry-cleaning, or dropping a pet off at the veterinarian’s office. Having your own vehicle makes your daily routine much more manageable. Rather than lugging items (or pet!) on a bus or train, you’ll be able to get your errands done more efficiently and with less stress.


While many travel nurses have assignments in cities with readily available public transportation, you may not enjoy always relying on trains and buses to get around. Travel nurses who enjoy exploring the cities they are visiting often want the flexibility to commute to places at their leisure. Having your own reliable vehicle can give you security in knowing you always have your own transportation throughout your travel assignment. Many travel nurses enjoy having their own vehicles so they have the freedom to explore cities on their own terms.
These are just some of the many reasons why having your own vehicle can be very beneficial during a travel assignment.
While vehicle ownership comes with some ongoing expenses, you’ll likely find that the freedom and flexibility it affords is well worth the investment.

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