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Travel Nursing Information You Want to Know… and Need to Know.

The travel nursing industry was born out of the simple principal of supply vs. demand. Certain states were seeing an influx of patients, but this change in census didn't last all year. People, in droves, were heading to warmer climates to get out of the cold winters and what hospitals needed was a temporary resource of nurses to meet their temporary demand. That's how travel nursing was born. We know so much about the start of the industry because we are the founders. TravCorps was the first to offer hospitals travel nurses back in 1978 and was acquired in 1999 by Cross Country to become the leader in travel nurse staffing.

Today travel nursing is a popular career choice for a growing number of nurses. They range from young RNs looking for a little adventure to seasoned staff who want to see the country now that their children have left home. Some nurses are checking out new locations to settle down or spending summer vacations with their families in unique places. And others see travel nursing as a way to earn the top salaries they deserve while receiving great benefits and living in cities they would never get to experience otherwise.

No matter where you are in your nursing career, novice or veteran, there are certain travel nursing "how-tos" you should be aware of before you begin your career:

Here is some additional travel nursing information that could help you decide if this is the right career move for you.

Ultimately, being a travel nurse will help you build a better résumé and will make you more marketable as a healthcare professional. No matter what your goal is, traveling with Cross Country TravCorps is your quickest road to success.


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