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Bringing A Pet And Family Along On Your Travel Nursing Assignment? You’ll Want To Plan Ahead!


The good news is that while bringing a pet and family members along on a travel nursing assignment requires some preparation, it is completely doable!

Thinking About Bringing A Friend On A Travel Nursing Assignment? Weigh Your Options!


As you’re making plans, you’ll want to consider all your options and make sure you have established your main priorities for the trip, from both a personal and professional standpoint.

Celebrate National Nurses Week as a Travel Nurse


The 2017 theme for National Nurses Week is “Mind, Body, and Spirit” and will focus on encouraging nurses to take charge of their own health in all its facets.

5 Somewhat Uncommon Things to Do in Walnut Creek, California When Heading on Assignment


Whether you are interested in the local wildlife, arts scene or craft brews, or just enjoy being outdoors, Walnut Creek has something to offer you. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are five somewhat uncommon things to do while on assignment.

FAQ: I just moved into my housing and I am dissatisfied! Can I move??


The Cross Country TravCorps housing specialists work closely with each traveler and available apartment complexes in the area. We aim to find appropriate accommodations in a good location, so you don’t have to worry about housing once you arrive.

Technology to the Rescue: Ways To Stay In Touch With Loved Ones DuringTravel Nursing Assignments


With so much advanced technology, there are countless ways to stay in touch with loved ones and avoid feelings of homesickness. Here are some of the most popular ways travel nurses can communicate with family and friends while on the road.

Are You A Travel Nurse? Consider These Factors For Vehicle Ownership


Are you thinking of owning your own vehicle for your travel nursing assignments? Consider the following three factors.

Heading on Your First Travel Assignment? While Your Housing Will Come with Essentials, It’s a Good Idea to Pack THESE too


When you accept a housing assignment arranged through a CCTC housing specialist, a variety of basic needs will be covered.However, many of our travel nurses find that they are more comfortable with a few extras that don’t come with the apartment.

Why You Should ALWAYS Research a New Location BEFORE You Leave for an Assignment


Getting ready for a new assignment is like preparing for an adventure; it is important to have certain details ironed out before you head out the door.

How can you see as much as possible on a new assignment without breaking the bank?


Most travel nurses would agree the experience of travel nursing is like no other! But how can you see everything a city has to offer without breaking the bank?

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