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February 2017


Charlotte, North Carolina. A Blend of Old-fashioned Southern Charm and Cosmopolitan Bustle

Charlotte North Carolina Travel Nurse Jobs

Thinking of traveling to Charlotte, NC for your next assignment? Here’s a chance to get acquainted with the Queen City before you arrive.

Are You a Travel Nurse? Make Sure Your Own Health is a Priority!

Travel Nurse Health Priority

There are many simple, yet important ways you can maintain a high level of health on the road. On your next travel assignment, make these habits part of your daily routine.

Seeking New Nursing Opportunities? Get Paid to Travel the Country!


Have you always dreamed of traveling the country, but never had the time or money to do so? Well, if you’re a registered nurse, you’re in luck.

Can You be a Successful Travel Nurse and Parent?


If you have children, here are some things to keep in mind while making the decision to incorporate travel nursing in your parenting routine.

Negotiating 101: How to Negotiate Your Next Travel Nursing Contract


Negotiating effectively takes practice, but will pay off (literally) if you consistently follow these tips.

Sarasota, Florida. Beach-Style Living at Your Doorstep

Travel nursing jobs Sarasota , FL

Want your next travel assignment to be filled with sand, surf, sun, and fun? Then Sarasota is the perfect spot.

5 Ways to Cure Homesickness While Traveling

5 Ways to Cure Homesickness While Travel Nursing

With the right mindset and tools you can squash those pangs of homesickness with the snap of your finger and make your travel experience everything great you signed up for, and more.

Heading to Philadelphia for your next travel assignment? Get ready for a city exploding with history, culture, and fun!

Travel nursing jobs in Philadelphia

If Philadelphia’s abundance of American history is not enough to appeal to your travel nursing desires, take a look at everything remarkable the highly acclaimed City of Brotherly Love has to offer.

How Travel Nurse Stories Inspired Cross Country TravCorps to GO!


Cross Country TravCorps has a brand-new look, and we guarantee it will make you see travel nursing in a whole new light! Visit the website and get an up close and personal look at our healthcare professionals on the GO. These stories of adventure -- both

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