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May 2017


Nervous To Become A Travel Nurse? Get Inspired By This CCTC Nurse!


Are you nervous to embark on travel nursing? Get some inspiration from one of our travel nurses, Leana Carlberg, who recently gave this incredible speech to the graduating nursing students at her alma mater, Fitchburg State University (FSU) in Fitchburg.

Excited For Your Travel Nursing Assignment? Consider These Tips for Sharing Your Adventure on Social Media!


We encourage travelers to capture their unique travel experiences on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Showcase the amazing experiences you've been apart of and inspire others to embark on careers in travel nursing!

Discover the Midwest: Accept a Travel Nursing Assignment in Milwaukee


The largest city in Wisconsin and the fifth-largest in the Midwest offers a wealth of culture, charm, and seemingly endless things to do!

Heading to Baltimore on Assignment? Aside from the Main Attractions, Don't Miss Out on These Destinations!


Sure, you’ll want to check out the top tourist attractions while you’re in town, but you also get to try the city on for size and see what it’s like to like to be a resident. Since Baltimore has so much to offer, where should you start?

Bringing A Pet And Family Along On Your Travel Nursing Assignment? You’ll Want To Plan Ahead!

Travel Nurse Blog - Bringing Pet or Family on Travel Assignment

The good news is that while bringing a pet and family members along on a travel nursing assignment requires some preparation, it is completely doable!

The Pros and Cons of Bringing a Friend on a Travel Nurse Assignment

Travel Nurse Blog - Bring a friend

As you’re making plans, you’ll want to consider all your options and make sure you have established your main priorities for the trip, from both a personal and professional standpoint.

[Infographic] Medical/Surgical Demand Continues to Climb


Are you looking for a fun and exciting travel nursing destination? You’ll want to check out the states with the greatest surges in healthcare – California, North Carolina and Texas!

Excited For Your Travel Nursing Assignment? Think Twice Before Posting To Social Media!


So, you’re beyond thrilled for your new travel nursing assignment and can’t wait to tell the world! But wait – not so fast!

Celebrate National Nurses Week as a Travel Nurse


The 2017 theme for National Nurses Week is “Mind, Body, and Spirit” and will focus on encouraging nurses to take charge of their own health in all its facets.

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