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October 2016


Don’t Miss out on These Activities When Traveling to Chicago, IL


With so many amazing things to do and places to see, Chicago is sure to be your kind of town.

Tap into your creative side with an assignment in the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

Austin Texas Travel Nurse Jobs earn up to 23.5K in 13 weeks!

Austin is not typical Texas… at least as far as stereotypical cowboys and rodeos go. This city is creative, diverse, a bit eccentric, and also lots of fun! With over 250 live music venues, you could spend your entire assignment taking it all in.

How a Generally Shy Nurse Can Become an Outstanding Travel Nurse


If your shyness is weighing you down and stifling your ability to live up to your nursing potential, have hope. There are things you can do to vanquish it for good.

Find yourself in a New York State of mind with our new travel assignments.

Up to $25K in 13 weeks on assignments in the Empire State.

Making the decision to head out to Upstate NY is a lot like finding buried treasure. This state is loaded with hidden gems to visit and explore… one more picturesque from the next.

Who is Your ICE? Who should be contacted if you’re hurt on a travel assignment?


To stay safe and get assistance when you need it, load your phone with a list of contacts for every situation you might encounter on and off the job.

Why Should You Partner With A Staffing Agency Provider to Land Your Next Assignment?


If you’ve been spending a lot of time and energy searching for a travel nursing opportunity, it may be time to enlist the help of a talent acquisition specialist in your search.

Is Travel Nursing Conducive For People With Families? You Bet!


Travel nursing with a family is completely doable, as long as you plan out all the logistical details ahead of time.

Travel Nursing in Charlotte, NC


A travel nursing assignment in Charlotte is an incredible way to explore one of the South’s most exhilarating attractions while also earning a competitive income!

When it cools down, healthcare travelers warm up to Florida jobs!

FL Travel Nurse Jobs. Earn up to $30.5K in 13 weeks

There are so many reasons why the Sunshine state draws people in… some for the cooler months and some for year round fun.

Navigating the Break Room: How to Make Friends When You Are on a Travel Assignment for 13 Weeks


The sooner you can ease into your new role, make new friends, and earn the trust and respect of your co-workers. Per veteran travelers, here are some tried and true techniques for fitting in faster.

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