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September 2016


What are the Financial Rewards of Becoming a Travel Nurse?


Becoming a travel nurse is extremely rewarding on a personal level! But what can it mean for your financial situation?

Explain the Most Common Travel Assignments...What Should I Expect?


Explain the basics about travel assignments...what should I expect in terms of travel locations, length of assignments, and more?

How Should You Tackle Travel Housing When Taking a Travel Assignment?


When heading on a new and exciting travel assignment there is one very important piece of information to figure out...where will you live?

What are the Most Common Questions Asked by Travel Nurses?


If you're considering the path of a travel nurse, check out this list of common questions that we have received.

Cross Country Embarks On Our Fourth Project Perfect World Mission

Project Perfect World

The Cross Country Healthcare family of brands is proud and honored to once again be part of the amazing work of the Project Perfect World Foundation (PPW). Since 1995, PPW has funded at least two trips per year to perform maxillofacial, dental, and orthop

Overcoming the Fear of Travel Nursing

Overcoming Fear with Kristen

Many healthcare professionals feel that they want to travel, but fear gets the best of them. So how do you get past that fear and take a leap into a career adventure of a lifetime?

Planning Vacation time as a Traveler

Planning Vacation time as a Traveler

Many travelers what to know, as a travel healthcare professional, already out and seeing the country on a working adventure, can you still take a vacation too? The answer is, of course you can! And you should!

Ready To Be A Travel Nurse? Know These Interview Preparation Tips!


Taking the time to prepare for your travel assignment interview with some specific guidelines will give you a competitive edge and help you distinguish yourself against other candidates.

Take Your Travel Nursing Skills Abroad: Preparing for International Travel Nursing Assignments


International traveling can be an exhilarating career transition which doesn’t have to be stressful if you take these necessary steps to prepare for your assignments.

Three Tips to Consider When Applying for Your Next Travel Assignment


Before you set off on your trip, you’ll need to prepare all the documentation necessary to successfully make a smooth transition into your travel assignment.

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