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Common Questions from Travel Nurse Applicants

Cross Country TravCorps

We talk with hundreds, if not thousands, of nurses every day about the travel experience. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from new applicants.

Are You New To Travel Nursing? Learn about CCTC’s Housing Process!


At Cross Country TravCorps, our team iscommitted to helping you find the best housing available for your individual needs. Here are some tips to get you through the CCTC housing process.

The Best States for Travel Nursing in 2017


Based on recent reports of salary data, along with most highly rated travel destinations, here is a list of the four top states for travel nursing in 2017.

What do Travelers Love about Seattle, Washington?


A tech-savvy community, spectacular views, great shopping, trendy restaurants, and a vibrant artistic culture and you’ll understand why Seattle draws people from all over the world. Read on to learn more.

Heading to a New Location? Before you get there, research your commute and figure out the best way to get around


Whether you drive, ride, bike, or walk your way to work, you can take your pick of a variety of online tools and free smartphone apps to help you safely navigate your new city.

Should I Travel or Take a Full-Time Position?


Even if you are a mid-career nursing professional, you may want to reinvestigate your options to be sure you are on a fulfilling career track.

HELP! I chose to accept a housing stipend and am having trouble finding a place to live in my new city!


Rather than settle on a place out of duress, there are several avenues you can take that will adequately solve your housing problem or buy you time to search for a more fitting rental after you get situated in your new assignment.

When Accepting a Travel Assignment, Am I Required to Take Agency-Provided Housing or Can I Pick My Own Place to Live?


Finding your own place and using your housing stipend towards a private rental can be a great alternative.But if you go that route there are several important things to consider.

Getting Mixed Signals about Travel Nursing Compensation? This Will Set The Record Straight!


There are many myths surrounding travel nursing especially with regard to compensation. If you are a travel nurse or are interested in becoming one, it’s important that you know the facts involving pay rates.

In Need of Some Southern Hospitality? Make Savannah, GA, Your Next Travel Nursing Destination!


Filled with fun and adventure, here are just some of the many reasons why Savannah, GA, is the ideal travel nursing destination.

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